Image Consultancy

I offer the following image consulting services:
Color Analysis (16 seasons and 16×4 seasons method)
Figure and Style Analysis (Yin and Yang Style Essence Method)
Special Occasion and Brides Consultancy (Colors, style and design specifically for the occasion)


Each of us has received colors from Nature.
And, like any gift, we can decide whether to hide it or whether to accept it and make it ours.

What is it?
Color analysis or color harmony is based on colorimetry and takes care of finding for each person the colors most consistent with their image to enhance their chromatic features, their face and their figure.
It can be carried out both in presence and online by testing a specific series of professional colored drapes that allow you to identify your personal color season, defining your temperature, intensity, value and contrast.

To carry out the analysis, I use the 16×4 system by Giulia Quaranta, an evolution of the international 16-season 4×4 system used by the major international image consultants.
This system makes it possible to identify and include greater chromatic variations and is therefore much more inclusive and personalized.

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Grace is found when you stop trying to change things and start trying to understand them.

What is it?
The figure and style analysis studies the physical, chromatic and expressive traits of a person, integrating them, if necessary, with his/her personality and spirituality. Through the analysis of all these characteristics it is possible to identify the balance of style essences of each person.

The aim is to create a unique and personal aesthetic and stylistic identity in which the external image is in complete harmony with the internal one.
In this process every characteristic contributes to this process and is not corrected or minimized but welcomed and supported in the harmonious aesthetic whole of the person.

Service available soon.


Service available soon.