Lavender blue

“Lavender blue
Lavender green
Then I’ll be king
You’ll be my queen.”
This is what Cinderella sings in the last movie.
Actually lavender is purple, but there’s no doubt its scent and this song make our souls happier and more peaceful.

The new lookbook for the summer came a little late this year because I went back from my experience in Finland in the middle of June. Just on time because the lavender’s flowers were almost ready to blossom.

Some of the garments in this little collection were already sewn before I left in March but some are new and almost all of them are unique piece (there is just some fabric left of two tops).
Materials are all natural: high quality pear green viscose and striped silk shantung from a stock left by some italian fashion factories and cotton with beautiful pattern from an italian small textile company.
I experimented with the tops this time and I really enjoyed to construct beach and holiday pieces, inspired by old Hollywood vacation place. I also mixed 50s and boho and it turned out in a blend of refined and exotic.

If you want more information about garments, sized and if it’s possible to have some of them contact me, beacuse I’m quite sure I will not upload new items in the online shop until this autumn.

Enjoy your summer!

Items featured in this lookbook:

Striped silk top crossed in front, knot at the back of the neck and zip on the back with ribbon to tie at the waist
See “Charme tea” lookbook
Summer top with gathered neckline, ribbon to tie behind the back and elasticated back
Light cotton jacquard skirt with green, gold, silver and purple striped and leaf pattern, high waistband
Doubleface top in striped silk and light cotton jacquard, to be tied behind the back with double wide ribbons

Photography: Elia Pizzocolo

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