The Swans and their tales

From the snow fallen into the lake swans are born.
(Ramón Gómez de la Serna)

This collection is a tale that begins on white wings, which unfold majestically and launch us into a fairytale flight.
Among the many symbols associated with swans, there are the sun, poetry, grace; but also love, soul, purity. They are almost always considered positive and auspicious animals.

Among the many cultural symbologies, we also find them as totem animals among the American Indians. In this occasion, the swan symbolizes the ability to receive and treasure changes, submitting one’s will to the beneficial one of a higher divinity.
An association due to the transformation from a gray and unattractive chick to a splendid adult and that we also find in the tale of “The ugly duckling.”
And never like this year have changes threatened to overwhelm us and we need all our strength and ability to seize the opportunity. Like the swan that, among brambles and mud, captures the sparkle of the water where it can rest.

This small collection was born as a party and events clothing line.
It has rich and spectacular cuts, to be worn with pride and ease, as swans do with their white plumage; but also with irony and lightness, ready to open your wings and take flight.

Contrary to the other collections, this one is completely self-produced, even in the designs.
The prints are the result of the collaboration with two independent designers, Cecilia and Richard; the fabrics are made in raw in Italy and subsequently printed in small quantities in Milan.
Production times and costs are therefore longer than usual, but the resulting quality is very high.
The pieces available are few each time, because when the fabric is finished, production must be restarted from scratch, so I advise you to buy early when the garment is available, or to plan carefully your order in the future.

Each garment is inspired by a fairy tale or folk tale about swans, old or new, except for an intruder, who is part of a future project that we will soon reveal. Can you guess which one?

Items featured in this lookbook:

Spectacular shirt, with liberty print with swans, cranes, pomegranates and other natural elements. Straight bodice, without pleats, and sleeves with two wide “wing” effect ruffles, classic collar and hidden buttoning.
It can be accompanied by a matching obi belt, as in the picture.
Made on one of the signature Mevrian models.
Dress with boat neckline, open back, invisible zipper, side slits and diagonal pleats on the front. Slightly elastic but shaped on the bust.
Comfortable but solemn dress, with wide flared sleeves, round neckline at the back and wallet closure on the front. Skirt with asymmetrical tulip hem, lined bodice.
As the Elsa Dress, it’s made from a signature Mevrian model.
With boat neckline, open back, invisible zipper, side slits and diagonal pleats on the front. Slightly elastic but shaped on the bust.
Tulle cocktail dress, with boned bodice and hand-sewn lace appliqués, 35 buttons and zipper on the back and detachable tulle cape.

Photo: Elia Pizzocolo Photography

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